Better home internet
is headed to Manhattan.

Pilot has teamed up with a no-BS, national telecom company (trust us, you know them) to bring gigabit fiber to apartments, condos, and brownstones across Manhattan. We provide the super fast, reliable infrastructure—they hook residents up with a customer-obsessed home internet experience. 

Add your name to the list and we’ll send you updates such as when service is available in your building. No strings attached.
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Here’s how it works:

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  • 1
    Get on the list
    Be the first to know. Add your name to the list to get a few timely updates about what’s in the works.
  • 2
    Share with your neighbors & friends
    Spread the word to anyone you know in Manhattan to climb the priority list.
  • 3
    Kick back and wait for install day 
    After we bring the fiber, sign up for your new favorite residential internet. Our partner will take over so you can connect and never look back.