Many of you know us as that friendly NYC business internet provider. Behind the scenes, we’re just a group who’s obsessed with reliable internet…and our pets. 

When we’re not talking about internet—we’re probably chatting about the best NYC dog parks by the water cooler, sending photos of our pets to our team, or showing them off on Zoom calls. Our pets are such a huge part of our company culture that they’ve even earned their own channel in Slack (our internal messaging tool) and are guests of honor at some our internal events.

They say that pets look like their owners—and we’re pretty convinced that the pets of Pilot also think and act like theirs too. In addition to loving long walks on the beach and hanging out with pals, they share the same obsession with reliable internet as we do 😉.

Meet the Pets of Pilot

Share the same dislikes as our pets? Us too—that’s why we’re on a mission to be the best ISP. Check out all the other ways Pilot’s different, or reach out to us to learn more.