Settlement-Free Interconnection Policy

Pilot operates Autonomous System Number AS46450. The following policy outlines our general guidelines for settlement-free interconnection. We maintain a selective policy, and meeting the requirements set forth in this document does not guarantee interconnection with Pilot. We do not make decisions solely on factors such as volume of traffic, number of downstream networks, or geographic scope of network. All requests that meet the following criteria will be reviewed and evaluated to determine if the outcome of settlement-free interconnect is mutually beneficial.

General Information

ASN 46450

Networks that have established interconnection with AS 46450 will receive all Pilot and Pilot customer routes contained in as-set AS-46450.

General Requirements

Contact Information

Peering Policy
Operational Support

Pilot Fiber reserves the right to grant or refuse peering with a requesting network, whether or not the requesting network meets the criteria set forth in this Peering Policy. Pilot Fiber also reserves the right to: (a) terminate peering for any reason upon 10 calendar days’ prior notice to the other party; and (b) to terminate or suspend peering immediately should any event negatively impact, or threaten to negatively affect, the Pilot network or Pilot customers. Examples of such events include excessive BGP session flaps, route flaps, excessive route churn, denial of service attacks or spam.