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Come out to an event and kick it with Pilot in person.

Building the best customer experience in telecom starts with the experience part. That’s why we regularly host invite-only events to help people have fun and get to know the Pilot crew outside of a conference room. Join us?

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Where to hang with us next:

WED, 6/16 @ 7 PM
METS VS CUBS from our private suite

Come hang with us to watch as the Mets take on the Chicago Cubs in Pilot’s private suite at Citi Field! Enjoy a night of free food, open bar and some quality time with the Pilot crew.

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TUES, 6/29 @ 7 PM
YANKEES VS ANGELS from our private suite

Root for the Yankees from Pilot’s private luxury suite at Yankee Stadium! Catch nine innings in style with free food, open bar and some members of the Pilot team.

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A look inside the action—the highlight reel:

Yankee Stadium baseball field.
Trivia night at The Wooly Public
A private night for Pilot partners and customers to nerd out on all things trivia. Favorite question of the night that took a little too long to answer? "What is the only state that ends with a K?"
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People sitting in movie theater
VIP customer night at Soho Gand
Celebrating the hard work of Pilot nonprofit customers with drinks, hor d’oeuvres, headshots, bingo, and a spontaneous game of limbo.
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People sitting in movie theater
Private moving screening: Star Wars
Ryan, one of our guests, sums this one up best: “We laughed, we cried, we ugly-cried, we ate food that was fried. It was wonderful.”
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Yankee Stadium baseball field.
Yankees vs. Angels baseball game from the box
Private luxury suite, some of the Pilot crew, food, and an open bar? Almost as good as watching the Yankees win eight to zip.
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Channel Partners Evolution booth.
Channel Partners Evolution Conference and Expo
Booth 838 was in the house with swag, Channel Partner exclusives, and the best banner of the event (if we do say so ourselves).
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