Data Center Referral Program
Terms and Conditions

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Qualified data center professionals are eligible to receive a $500 Visa* gift card from Pilot Fiber, Inc. (“Pilot”) for each new customer they refer to Pilot, subject to these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and the eligibility requirements herein.

Participants must enroll in Pilot’s Data Center Referral Program (the “Program”) by visiting and submitting the completed form. Participants agree to abide by these Terms by enrolling in the Program and/or by referring any potential customer (a “Prospect”) to Pilot. Persons who are enrolled individually or via a corporation in Pilot’s Channel Partner or other referral program are not eligible. Employees of Pilot are also not eligible.

Participants must submit a “Prospect Notice” by entering a completed form on (or sending an email containing sufficient information to a Pilot employee who administers the Program) to identify and contact a Prospect. Each Prospect Notice may identify only one (1) Prospect, but Participants may submit an unlimited number of Prospect Notices.  

Pilot must determine that the referred Prospect is a “Qualified Prospect”. A Qualified Prospect is: (1) not a current or former Pilot customer and (2) is not already a prospect of Pilot sourced through other means. Participant must collaborate in good faith with Pilot (as determined by Pilot in its sole discretion) to facilitate communication between Pilot and the Qualified Prospect.

A Qualified Prospect must order a Pilot service (the “Service(s)”) within ninety (90) days of the Participant’s submission of the Prospect Notice and renew its service for at least one month after the circuit is installed. Participants may receive only one (1) gift card per Qualified Prospect they refer. The gift card will be tendered in person or mailed to the address the Participant submitted on the Program website upon enrollment, within thirty (30) days after a Qualified Prospect has purchased the Services, provided that such services have been installed for at least one (1) month and one (1) day, and Pilot has received payment in full for any installation fees and for the first and second month of service.

Pilot does not make any representations or warranties as to the serviceability of the Prospect's organization or the location where the Prospect is located and may, at its sole discretion, decline to provide service to any Prospect, at any address, for any reason.

Gift cards are administered at Pilot's sole discretion and may not be redeemed for cash. In the event that a Prospect contacts Pilot before the Participant submits a Prospect Notice, the Participant bears the burden of proving their affiliation with such Prospect. Any disputes related to the Program will be resolved by Pilot at its sole discretion.

Pilot may modify or discontinue this promotion at any time for any reason.

Participant is responsible for any and all tax liabilities associated with the Program. This Program is void where prohibited by law.  

*Visa is not a sponsor of this Program.
**Subject to availability and at Pilot's discretion, the gift card tendered may be substituted for American Express or Mastercard.

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