Fast, reliable internet connections are the glue that holds every coworking space together. That connection needs to consistently perform at peak capacity in terms of bandwidth, speed, and security. The second it falters, a coworking space transforms from an agile, creative hub of productivity... to a bunch of strangers sitting in a room and grumbling as they check emails on mobile data. We’re pretty sure that’s not what they signed up for.

Before founding Pilot in 2014, Joe Fasone was the Director of Information Technology at WeWork. He saw the value of fast, reliable internet firsthand, and he made it his mission to equip every WeWork location with the best connection he could. It’s part of what inspired him to start Pilot.

If you’ve ever been subjected to slow internet in a coworking space, you know the struggle.  More importantly, you’ve probably felt the frustration we’re talking about, and the threat it poses to the otherwise robust and beautiful ecosystem of these shared spaces.

So, now that you’ve admitted to yourself that your coworking space has agonizingly slow internet… what’s next?

1. Troubleshoot Network Issues — Internal and External

It might be possible to resolve internet connectivity issues with some simple configuration changes. Find out if your coworking space in NYC has a dedicated IT department to assist in basic troubleshooting process. If the problems run deeper, you might need to lobby for a new internet provider altogether.

2. Find Out What Internet Providers Are Available in Your Building

Start by tapping the resources available. Strike up a conversation with your building manager, supervisor, or front desk attendant to find out which internet providers can service your building.

3. Check Out What Your Work Neighbors Are Saying

Connect with the other members of your coworking space. If YOU are finding that slow or spotty internet connection is a problem, you’re probably not the only one experiencing issues. Striking up a conversation at the proverbial water cooler might feel a bit more awkward in this situation, but it’s worth it if you can confirm that internet connectivity is holding up workflow across the board.

4. Arrange a Meeting

If you’re not getting anywhere, you might just have to strap in and meet with the “big boss.” In this case, the community manager! Once you’ve researched internet provider alternatives and collected feedback from your work neighbors, schedule a meeting with the person who manages the space. If you’re worried about presenting your findings, remember:

  • As a member of this space, you’ve agreed to pay for a spot that’s more than just a change of scenery. You’re paying for a tool, an office, a commodity that businesses everywhere expect to have as an operational given. Don’t forget that!
  • Show them that it’s not an isolated issue by sharing feedback from your space-mates. Demonstrating that your neighbors are also suffering from lack of productivity due to a slow connection will bolster your cause.
  • Speak to the value of switching to a high-speed internet service provider like Pilot: with faster internet, the coworking space can attract higher bandwidth tenants. Also, faster connections guarantee happier existing members who WON’T have to switch to their mobile hotspot data just to check an email.
  • Worst case scenario? Changing coworking spaces isn’t the end of the world; in fact, we’ll even help you find some options with internet we can vouch for 😏

Businesses share a bigger budget and a common bottom line—simply put, if internet issues plague a company long enough, they’ll see the value in switching to a better provider. Sometimes, they just need a nudge in the right direction.

Innovative Coworking Spaces in Action

It comes down to one of the questions that inspires us to deliver modern connectivity solutions. “How do we reinvent this experience?”

How can you help transform a ceiling and four walls where strangers gather to work into the oasis of creativity and productivity it was meant to be? It’s simple: give people the fastest and most reliable internet connection possible.

If you’re being held back by slow or unreliable connections, do something about it. Everyone deserves connectivity that enables better work.