Fast, affordable, fair internet access—that’s a mission Pilot can get behind. And as it turns out, those are exactly the things NYC Mesh is making a reality with its community-owned network and a little boost from us along the way.

If you’re not familiar, NYC Mesh connects apartments, small businesses, schools and entire buildings through its own network of wireless routers (nodes). These nodes are linked to a Supernode (multiple routers and antennae, typically above a data center), where NYC Mesh partners with other networks (like Pilot!) to connect out to the world wide web. As part of NYC Mesh’s recent expansion into Brooklyn via Supernode 3, we donated a 40 Gbps internet connection beefing up their bandwidth and ability to support more end-users.

“NYC Mesh’s mission to make internet more accessible for all New Yorkers strongly aligns with our own vision to ensure global access to the internet,” said Joe Fasone, our CEO here at Pilot. “We’re excited to begin our partnership and bring more connectivity options to Brooklyn.”

This donation helps in a few ways. It connects the NYC Mesh network to the internet and provides enough bandwidth to let NYC Mesh host sites, support community livestreams, and house public resources.

So why stop there? To spread the love a bit further, we matched the donation at Supernode 1 in lower Manhattan too, which brings the NYC Mesh network to a total bandwidth of 81 Gbps. 🥳

We’re out to change telecom for good, and supporting initiatives like NYC Mesh is part of how we’ll do it. 

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