Pilot has rolled out new hosted voice features sure to help streamline your workflows. These features give your company more flexibility to create your ideal calling experience. 

Read more about them below, or check out our full feature list here

Group chat

Collaborating across teams just got easier. Send messages to multiple coworkers and manage your group threads within the Pilot Voice portal, web-based softphone, and mobile app. 

Single sign-on

Ditch that sticky note with your password and sign in to your Pilot Voice account using either G Suite or Office 365. Admins can enable single sign-on for their companies and then each user can set up single sign-on for their account. 


Manage multiple offices or retail locations with the new sites feature. You can group different users, call queues, or auto attendants in a site and apply unique settings to each site. See what sites can do here.

Speech to text

Adding speech to text to your auto attendants gives your callers the option to dictate where they want to be directed as opposed to pressing buttons. For example, they can say “Sales” to be routed to Sales. Set up speech to text now. 

Text to speech

Gone are the days of needing to find someone with that perfect “radio voice” to record your phone greetings. Text to speech turns your scripts for intros, menu options, and voicemail greetings into audio with a click of the button, cutting down on recording time and allowing your team to quickly make adjustments as needed. Learn how to use text to speech.

Thinking about further customizing your Pilot Voice experience, but aren’t sure where to start? Reach out to Pilot Support to get help tailoring features for your business.