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Pinpoint employee connectivity issues with NetworkCue.

The move to remote work has created new IT challenges—including troubleshooting your team’s home internet connection from afar. NetworkCue provides you with network stats so that you can stop taking shots in the dark and start making informed, data-driven decisions.


How it works:

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Deploy NetworkCue, a lightweight software agent, to company devices through an MDM.

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NetworkCue will continuously collect network stats using traceroutes, ping & other tests.

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See all data company-wide or drill down to an individual device to diagnose and troubleshoot.

Device connectivity data at your fingertips.

NetworkCue collects a variety of LAN and WAN data points to help you effectively and efficiently troubleshoot. 

  • Full connectivity diagnostics
    Runs full diagnostics on wireless radios, ethernet adapters, and other connectivity sources
  • Router + WiFi assessment
    Identifies the router a device is connected to and assesses security, assesses wireless network security (if connected via WiFi), and provides baseline LAN latency and packet loss statistics
  • ISP performance
    Detects the internet service provider and type of connection, performs unobtrusive speed tests, and monitors the ISP through reverse ping and MTR from dozens of global data centers
  • Internet accessibility
    Identifies the DNS server, and tests latency + packet loss to a variety of internet destinations

Through the NetworkCue dashboard, you can:

  • Identify devices with connectivity and/or security issues
  • Set alerts for minimum connectivity and security requirements, ISP outages, reachability of key business applications, and other connectivity issues
  • View statistics on connectivity types, quality, and speeds by geography
  • View and export all raw data via web and API

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